Aisha Tyler in '24: Day 4: 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM'
Aisha Tyler (1970 - )
CSI: Miami: Body Count (2003) [D.A. Janet Medrano]: Shot in the head (off-screen); her body is dumped on the beach, and is shown afterwards when Emily Procter investigates the scene. (Thanks to PortsGuy)

24: Day 4: 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM (2005) [Marianne Taylor]: Shot in the chest by a terrorist in an office, while Roger Cross looks on helplessly. (The 4th-season DVD also includes an alternate version of her death, in which she and Roger are first knocked unconscious by knockout gas before the terrorists shoot her.) (Thanks to PortsGuy)

Ghost Whisperer: Free Fall (2006) [Andrea Moreno]: Killed (off-screen) when a plane crashes into her car; she appears as a ghost to Jennifer Love Hewitt afterwards, though Aisha doesn't realize that she's a ghost until the following episode The One. Her spirit finally moves on in the episode Love Never Dies. (Thanks to Lucky, Peter, and PortsGuy)

Balls of Fury (2007) [Mahogany]: Hit in the head with her own poison dart (attached to a ping-pong paddle) when Dan Fogler deflects it back at her. (Played for comic effect.) (Thanks to ND)

The Boondocks: Attack of the Killer Kung-Fu Wolf Bitch (2007; animated) [Luna]: Commits suicide (off-camera) by blowing herself up with a grenade in her car. (Played for comic effect.) (Thanks to Tommy)
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