Alberta Watson in 'Stone Cold Dead'
Alberta Watson (1955 - )
Power Play (Operation Overthrow; State of Shock) (1978) [Donna]: Shot in the back by a secret police officer after being released from prison. (Thanks to Tony)

Stone Cold Dead (1979) [Olivia Page]: Commits suicide by shooting herself in the chest after being cornered by Richard Crenna on a rooftop; she then falls to the street below. (Thanks to Dick Hertz)

La Femme Nikita: Four Light Years Farther (2000) [Madeline]: Commits suicide by taking a cyanide capsule in the evaluation room, while Peta Wilson watches through a two-way mirror. (Thanks to Stephen)

Vendetta (Irish Eyes) (2004) [Anne Phelan]: Dies (off-screen) of a heart attack; her body is shown afterwards when her son (John Novak) discovers her, and again during her funeral.

Nikita: Wrath (2012) [Senator Madeline Pierce]: Killed in an explosion when Rick Ravanello throws a bomb at her limousine. (Thanks to Pez)

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