Ali MacGraw in 'Murder Elite'
Ali MacGraw (1938 - )
Ex-Mrs. Robert Evans
Ex-Mrs. Steve McQueen
Love Story (1970) [Jennifer Cavalieri Barrett]: Dies of leukemia with Ryan O'Neal at her bedside.

Dynasty: Royal Wedding (1985) [Lady Ashley Mitchell]: Shot to death when terrorists attack during the wedding of Catherine Oxenberg and Michael Praed. The episode ended with everybody at the wedding lying on the ground; it wasn't until the next season's opening episode Aftermath that we learned who died and who survived the massacre. (Thanks to Johan)

Murder Elite (1985) [Diane Baker]: Trampled to death after being trapped in a stable with a frightened horse.

Gunsmoke: The Long Ride (1993) [Uncle Jane Merkel]: Shot to death by Patrick Dollaghan during a raid on her ranch. (Thanks to John)
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