Alyssa Milano (1972 - )
Ex-Mrs. Cinjun Tate
(lead singer of Remy Zero)
Public Enemies (Public Enemy #1) (1996) [Amaryllis]: Neck snapped by Frank Stallone, who then tosses her body in a lake.

Charmed: Deja Vu All Over Again (1999) [Phoebe Halliwell]: Hurled into a wall by Carlos Gomez' magical powers; she is later brought back to life when David Carradine creates a time-loop, and dies once again when Carlos hurls her into the wall a second time. She returns to life in the next time-loop, and survives the rest of the episode. (Thanks to David31)

Charmed: Morality Bites (1999) [Phoebe Halliwell]: Executed by being burned at the stake (in a more contemporary manner), when the sisters experience a possible future. (Thanks to SG)

Charmed: Pardon My Past (2000) [Phoebe Halliwell/P. Russell]: Playing a dual role as both "Phoebe" and her past-life incarnation, "P. Russell" is strangled by her cousins (Holly Marie Combs and Shannen Doherty) when "Phoebe" has a vision of the past. (Thanks to David31)

Charmed: Ex Libris (2000) [Phoebe Halliwell]: Decapitated with a sickle (off-camera) by Scott Lincoln, in a vision of the future which cuts away just before impact. This future death is prevented when Rebecca Cross' spirit saves her. (Thanks to David31)

Charmed: Brain Drain (2001) [Phoebe Halliwell]: Explodes (along with Rose McGowan) when Bennet Guillory uses his supernatural powers on them; this turns out to be Alyssa's vision of the future, which is later prevented from coming about. (Thanks to Ryoko)

Charmed: A Witch in Time (2002) [Phoebe Halliwell]: Turned to ash (along with Rose McGowan) when Jason Brooks turns his powers on them. Their deaths are later undone when Holly Marie Combs goes back in time and prevents them. (Thanks to David31)

Charmed: Y Tu Mummy Tambien (2003) [Phoebe Halliwell]: Mummified by Adrian Paul's magic powers; she is later brought back to life when Rose McGowan reverses the spell. (Thanks to David31)

Charmed: I Dream of Phoebe (2004) [Phoebe Halliwell]: Killed (along with Holly Marie Combs and Rose McGowan) when a djinn (Saba Homayoon) wishes them dead; Holly is brought back to life by Brian Krause's powers, and they eventually manage to wish Rose and Alyssa back to life as well. (Thanks to Christina)

Charmed: It's a Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad World Part 2 (2004) [Phoebe Halliwell]: Burned to death, along with Rose McGowan, when the Elders blast them with flames; this turns out to be an illusion cast by Billy Drago to trick Holly Marie Combs. (Thanks to David31)

Charmed: Someone to Witch Over Me (2004) [Phoebe Halliwell]: Stabbed to death (along with Holly Marie Combs) with a clawed glove by Neil Hopkins; they are brought back to life by Brian Krause after he accepts the power of the Avatars. (Thanks to Energman)

Charmed: Freaky Phoebe (2005) [Phoebe Halliwell]: After Suzanne Krull switches bodies with Alyssa, Alyssa's spirit is killed when Suzanne (in Alyssa's body) uses her powers to make Suzanne's body explode. She is later brought back to life when Holly Marie Combs and Rose McGowan manage to restore Alysa's spirit to her proper body. (Thanks to David31)

Charmed: Kill Billie Vol. 2 (2006) [Phoebe Halliwell]: Killed in an explosion, along with Rose McGowan and Marnette Patterson, during the final magic battle. Her body is shown afterwards when Holly Marie Combs discovers  her. She is brought back to life in the following episode (Charmed Forever) when Holly and Brian Krause go back in time to save her. (Thanks to Alex and David31)

Pathology (2008) [Gwen Williamson]: Poisoned (off-screen) when Michael Weston puts nitroglycerine under her tongue after drugging her with ether; her body is shown afterwards lying in bed when Milo Ventimiglia discovers her, and again later on as Milo performs the autopsy on her. (A special-effects dummy was used for the autopsy scene.) (Nudity alert: Full frontal of the special-effects dummy; no nudity from the real Alyssa) (Thanks to John)
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Alyssa Milano in 'Charmed: Morality Bites'