America Olivo (1978 - )
Daughter of
Danica D'Hondt
Christian Campbell
Sister-in-law of
Neve & Alex Campbell and Jason Brooks
Bitch Slap (2009) [Camero]: Machine-gunned across the back by Ron Melendez just as America is about to kill Julia Voth. (Thanks to Rodzilla)

Friday the 13th (2009) [Amanda]: Burned to death after Jason (Derek Mears) hangs her upside-down inside a sleeping bag suspended over a campfire; her body is shown again later on when Amanda Righetti discovers her. (Thanks to Andrew, Jake, Cody, and Frank)

Neighbor (2009) [The Girl]: Burned to death when acid spills on her face while Joe Aniska is rescuing Christian Campbell; this turns out just to be Christian's dream/hallucination. She survives the movie in reality.

No One Lives (2012) [Tamara]: Strangled while taking a shower. (Nudity alert: Topless and rear) (Thanks to Mike)

Warehouse 13: The Big Snag (2013) [Rebecca Carson]: Shot in the chest by Joanne Kelly while America is standing on a staircase; she dies after falling over the railing. (Thanks to Blattschuss)

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America Olivo in 'Bitch Slap'