Angela Bettis in 'May'
Angela Bettis (1973 - )
Mrs. Kevin Ford
May (2002) [May Dove Canady]: Bleeds to death after gouging out her eye and placing it in her patchwork "friend," which comes to life as she lies beside it. (It's difficult to tell from the actual film whether she lives or dies, but the director's audio commentary on the US DVD refers to this as her death scene.) (Thanks to Pat)

Dexter: Hop a Freighter (2010) [Emily Birch]: Bludgeoned to death with a poker by Jonny Lee Miller in her home, after she tries to stop him from killing Julia Stiles. (Thanks to Stephen)

Criminal Minds: Alchemy (2013) [Tess Mynock]: Drowned after she runs into a lake in her madness; her body is shown afterwards floating in the water. (Thanks to Dick Hertz)

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