Angie Dickinson in 'Dressed to Kill'
Angie Dickinson (1931 - )
Ex-Mrs. Burt Bacharach
Gun the Man Down (Arizona Mission) (1956) [Janice]: Shot by Robert J. Wilke; she dies in James Arness' arms shortly afterwards. (Thanks to Andy)

China Gate (1957) [Lea 'Lucky Legs']: Killed in an explosion when she sets off a charge to destroy Lee Van Cleef's munitions dump.

The Alfred Hitchcock Hour: Captive Audience (1962) [Janet West/Janet Waverly]: Shot in the back of the head (off-screen) by James Mason; her body is shown slumped over a chessboard afterwards. (Thanks to Dick Hertz)

The Killers (1964) [Sheila Farr]: Shot to death (off-camera) by Lee Marvin after he shoots Ronald Reagan in Ronald & Angie's house; we only see a close-up of Lee as we hear the shot and the sound of her body falling.

Big Bad Mama (1974) [Wilma McClatchie]: Mortally wounded in a shoot-out with police, she dies while riding in the getaway car with her daughters. (Note: the 1987 sequel retroactively revealed that she actually survived her wounds, but there's little doubt that the original filmmakers intended this as a death scene.)

Joys (1976) [Sergeant Suzanne 'Pepper' Anderson]: Killed by Johnny Carson. (I haven't seen this special, but I've read that every single guest-star was killed one by one by a mysterious figure who was ultimately revealed as Johnny.) (Played for comic effect.)

Dressed to Kill (1980) [Kate Miller]: Slashed to death with a straight razor by Michael Caine in an elevator; she dies after the elevator door opens and Nancy Allen discovers her.

Treacherous Crossing (1992) [Beverly Thomas]: Pushed off of the upper deck of an ocean liner (landing on the deck below) by Joseph Bottoms, who had mistaken her for Lindsay Wagner. (Thanks to Johan)

Wild Palms (1993) [Josie Ito]: Killed by Nick Mancuso. (Thanks to Michael)

The Maddening (1995) [Georgina Scudder]: Shot in the stomach by Burt Reynolds, who had mistaken her for the ghost of his father (William Hickey). (Thanks to Ryan)

Deep Family Secrets (1997) [Renee Chadway]: Shot to death by Richard Crenna, who then sets the boat on fire to cover up the cause of death. (Thanks to Drew)
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