Anita Ekberg in 'The Red Dwarf'
Anita Ekberg (1931 - )
War and Peace (1956) [Helene Kuragina]: Dies (off-screen) of an unspecified illness; we learn of her death afterwards when Helmut Dantine informs Henry Fonda. (Thanks to Gordon)

The Mongols (I Mongoli) (1961) [Hulina]: Drowned in quicksand, while Franco Silva looks on impassively. (Thanks to Spiesonice)

The Cobra (Il Cobra) (1967) [Lou]: Machine-gunned by Jesus Puente's men. (Thanks to Andrea)

The Glass Sphinx (La Sfinge d'oro) (1967) [Paulette]: Shot in the back by a sniper when she runs in front of Robert Taylor and takes the bullet for him. (Thanks to Bill)

Death Knocks Twice (Blonde Koder fur den Morder) (1969) [Mrs. Ferretti]: Strangled (though I don't know by whom). (Nudity alert: Reportedly appears nude, but I don't know if anything was actually shown.) (Thanks to Anonymous)

The French Sex Murders (Casa d'appuntamento; The Bogeyman and the French Murders; The Paris Sex Murders) (1973) [Madame Colette]: Beaten to death with a lamp by Howard Vernon. (Thanks to Johan)

Killer Nun (Suor Omicidi) (1978) [Sister Gertrude]: Poisoned. (Thanks to Johan)

The Red Dwarf (Le nain rouge) (1998) [Paola Bendoni]: Strangled by Jean-Yves Thual while she's sitting at her make-up mirror.
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