Anita Hart in 'John Carpenter's Vampires'
Anita Hart (1972 - )
Black Scorpion (1995) [Scary Mary]: Neck possibly snapped after Joan Severance gets her into a headlock during a fight at the villains' headquarters. (Note: Despite the loud cracking sound, the cartoonish nature of the film's violence, combined with the fact that Anita can be heard grunting after Joan tosses her aside, makes me doubt that this was meant to be fatal. Still, since it's been suggested, I'll list it just in case.) (Thanks to Disciplesoffufkin)

John Carpenter's Vampires (1998) [Female Master #2]: Bursts into flames when Daniel Baldwin drags her into the sunlight, after James Woods shoots her with a crossbow and stabs her in the chest with a wooden stake. (Note: Although it's hard to tell which vampire is which, the DVD audio commentary by John Carpenter confirms that it's Anita in this scene.)

Note: As a professional stunt performer, Anita has no doubt also 'died' for other actresses in several movies, but I can't be sure which ones.)
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