Anjanette Comer in 'The Loved One'
Anjanette Comer (1939 - )
Ex-Mrs. Walter Koenig
The Loved One (1965) [Aimee Thanatogenous]: Commits suicide by embalming herself at the funeral home. Her body is also shown afterwards (covered with a sheet) while Robert Morse and Rod Steiger try to figure out what to do with her body.

Columbo: Etude in Black (1972) [Jennifer Welles]: Asphyxiated when John Cassavetes turns on her gas oven after knocking her unconscious. (Thanks to Dan)

Mannix: Broken Mirror (1972) [Gina Hunter/Margo Moore]: Playing a dual role as twin sisters, "Margo" is shot to death by her cohorts while she's saving "Gina." ("Gina" survives the episode.) (Thanks to Robert)
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