Anna Faris in 'May'
Anna Faris (1976 - )
Ex-Mrs. Ben Indra
Mrs. Chris Pratt
Lovers' Lane (I'm Still Waiting for You) (1999) [Jannelle]: Slashed down the torso with a hook. (Thanks to PortsGuy)

Scary Movie (2000) [Cindy Campbell]: Hit by a car and sent flying into the air, in a comically exaggerated fashion. (She returned without explanation in the 2001 sequel Scary Movie 2, but since these parodies play fast and loose with continuity, it really makes no difference whether she survived the accident or whether the filmmakers simply disregarded her "death.") (Thanks to PortsGuy)

May (2002) [Polly]: Throat slit with two scalpels by Angela Bettis in her bedroom. (Thanks to Pat and Germboygel)
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