Female Vampire (Les avaleuses; La comptesse noire; Erotikill; The Loves of Irina; several more alternate titles) (1973) [Ana, the journalist]: Dies differently in the different versions of this movie.  In Erotikill, she is bitten on the throat and drained of blood by Lina Romay.  In both Female Vampire and The Loves of Irina, she is bitten/kissed on the vagina by Lina and drained of life itself (dying at the moment of her orgasm).  (Nudity alert: Full frontal & rear in both Female Vampire and The Loves of Irina; covered by a towel in Erotikill)  (Note: I had previously misattributed this part to Gilda Arancio, based on an error in the book Obsession: The Films of Jess Franco; Gilda actually played a different victim in another scene.)

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Anna Watican in 'Female Vampire'
Anna Watican