Ann Dvorak in 'Scarface' (1932)
Ann Dvorak (1911 - 1979)
a.k.a. Baby Anna Lehr
(as a child actress)
Daughter of Anna Lehr
(silent screen actress)
Ex-Mrs. Leslie Fenton
Scarface: The Shame of a Nation (1932) [Cesca Camonte]: Shot in the stomach when the police fire on the hide-out, she dies shortly afterwards after her brother (Paul Muni) carries her to the couch.

Three on a Match (1932) [Vivian Revere Kirkwood]: Commits suicide by jumping from a window, after writing a note on her clothes revealing the location of Lyle Talbot's hideout.

G-Men (1935) [Jean Morgan Collins]: Shot twice by Barton MacLane at a telephone booth; she dies shortly afterwards after talking to James Cagney. (Thanks to Jeffrey)

A Life of Her Own (1950) [Mary Ashlon]: Commits suicide (off-screen) by jumping from a window; we learn of her death afterwards when Lana Turner gets the news. (Thanks to John)

The Return of Jesse James (1950) [Susan Ellen Younger]: Shot to death by John Ireland after he overhears her turning him in to the lawmen. (Thanks to Rick)
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