Anne Lockhart with Bernie Kopell in 'Bug Buster'
Anne & Bernie dead in 'Bug Buster'
Anne Lockhart (1953 - )
Daughter of June Lockhart
Granddaughter of
Gene Lockhart and Kathleen Lockhart
Buck Rogers in the 25th Century: A Dream of Jennifer (1980) [Jennifer/Leila Markeson]: Playing a dual role, "Jennifer" dies off-screen (presumably of natural causes or old age) during the time between Gil Gerard's 20th-century life and his arrival in the 25th century, and "Leila" is reportedly shot in the back with a ray-gun by Paul Koslo when she runs in front of Gil and takes the blast for him. She dies in Gil's arms shortly afterwards. (Thanks to Tony and PortsGuy)

Bug Buster
(Some Things Never Die) (1998) [Cammie Griffin]: Devoured by insects (off-screen), along with Bernie Kopell, in their bedroom. Their bodies (obviously special-effects dummies) are shown afterwards when their daughter (Katherine Heigl) discovers them the next morning. (Thanks to Shadrach)
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