Annette Crosbie (1934 - )
Gypsy Girl (Sky West and Crooked) (1966) [Mrs. White, Brydie's Mother]: Dies following a stroke.

The Six Wives of Henry VIII (1971) [Catherine of Aragon]: Dies of cancer. (I haven't seen this, but it does cover the time period of her death.) (Thanks to PortsGuy)

Langrishe, Go Down (BBC2 Play of the Week: Langrishe, Go Down) (1978) [Helen Langrishe]: Dies of an unspecified illness; she is shown lying on her deathbed (interspersed with brief flashbacks to her childhood), followed by a scene of her funeral.

Ordeal by Innocence (1984) [Kirsten Lindstrom]: Commits suicide by jumping off a cliff onto the rocks below. Seen from a distance, and a fairly obvious dummy.
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Annette Crosbie in 'Langrishe, Go Down'