Anne Wiazemsky (center) with Philippe Asselin and Walter Green, before her off-screen death, in 'Au hasard Balthazar'
Anne Wiazemsky (1947 - )
Granddaughter of Francois Mauriac
(French novelist)
Ex-Mrs. Jean-Luc Godard
Au hasard Balthazar (1966) [Marie]: Dies (off-screen), presumably from her injuries after being beaten and raped by Francois Lafarge and his gang, combined with losing her will to live. We last see her as her father (Philippe Asselin) and Walter Green take her back to her farmhouse; we learn of her death afterwards when Walter comes to check on her and learns the news from her mother (Nathalie Joyaut).

The Seed of Man (Il Seme dell'uomo) (1969) [Dora]: Killed in an explosion, along with Marco Margine.
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