April Telek (1975 - )
a.k.a. April Amber Telek
Millennium: Pilot (1996) [Calamity]: Beaten to death by Paul Dillon; the murder is shown in Lance Henriksen's psychic visions. (Thanks to Stephen)

The Outer Limits: Paradise (1996) [Lucy]: Rapidly ages to death, as Timothy Webber looks on in horror. (Thanks to Stephen)

The Outer Limits: What Will the Neighbors Think? (1999) [Shirley Baxter]: Killed in a struggle with the rest of her neighbors. (Thanks to Stephen)

First Wave: Black Box (2001) [Gibson]: Killed in an explosion when Sebastian Spence throws an alien grenade at her as she's about to shoot him; her body disintegrates after her death. (Thanks to Stephen)

Replicant (2001) [Downtown Mother Victim]: Neck snapped when Jean-Claude Van Damme kicks her in the head in her apartment; he then photographs the body and sets fire to the room.

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April Telek in 'Replicant'