Arielle Kebbel (1985 - )
Reeker (2005) [Cookie]: Killed when David Hadinger sticks a motorized drain-cleaning brush up her anus in the outhouse, then pulls her down into the toilet. (It's later revealed that she was actually killed in a car accident, and that the rest station is a realm between life and death.) (Thanks to ND)

The Grudge 2 (2006) [Allison]: Killed by Takako Fuji's ghost when Takako materializes inside Arielle's hoodie, then pulls her into the darkness; she disappears, leaving only the hoodie behind, while Matthew Knight looks on in horror. (Thanks to Frank)

The Uninvited (2009) [Alex]: Killed in an explosion, along with her mother (Maya Massar), when a lantern ignites the spilled fuel in the boathouse. We're initially led to believe that only Maya was in the boathouse and that Arielle is still alive, but it's eventually revealed that the Arielle we've been seeing is only in Emily Browning's imagination. (Thanks to Steve and Ivan)

The Vampire Diaries: 162 Candles (2009) [Lexi]: Stabbed in the heart with a wooden stake by Ian Somerhalder. (She reappeared as a ghost in the 2011 episode Ghost World, and has also appeared in flashbacks in several other episodes.) (Thanks to Alex and Cody)

True Blood: I Smell a Rat (2010) [Charlene]: Shot in the chest by Sam Trammell. (Thanks to Alex)

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Arielle Kebbel in 'Reeker'