Audrey Wasilewski in 'Red' (2010)
Audrey Wasilewski's death in 'Red'
Audrey Wasilewski (1967 - )
Charmed: Blinded by the Whitelighter (2001) [Natalie]: Stabbed in the stomach with a poisoned arrow by Steve Valentine. (Thanks to Bryan)

The Inside: Everything Nice (2005) [Ellen Olsen]: Bludgeoned to death with a shovel by Julie Claire just as Audrey is about to stab Jennette McCurdy. (Thanks to ND)

Pushing Daisies: Corpsicle (2007) [Madeline McLean]: Run over by a car driven by a bonobo chimp; her legs are shown sticking out from underneath the car afterwards. (Thanks to Eric)

Archer: Killing Utne (2010; animated) [Elke Hubsch]: Poisoned when she tastes the poisoned frestelse that Mannfred (voiced by Rene Auberjonois) and Uta (Kathryn Cressida) had intended for Torvald Utne (Jeffrey Tambor). (Played for comic effect.)

Red (2010) [Businesswoman]: Killed in an explosion after she fires a rocket launcher at John Malkovich and John shoots the rocket before it can reach him. (Thanks to Indrico and Tommy)
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