Bahar Soomekh in 'Mission: Impossible III'
Bahar Soomekh (1975 - )
Mission: Impossible III (M:I:III) (2006) [Davian's Translator]: Shot in the head by Philip Seymour Hoffman while Philip is interrogating Tom Cruise; Bahar is disguised as Michelle Monaghan at the time, and her identity is only revealed when Billy Crudup peels off the mask to show Tom. (Since the scene was actually played by Michelle until the umasking, I'm listing it for both actresses.) (Thanks to Bill, Eric, and Gerardo)

Saw III (2006) [Dr. Lynn Denlon]: Killed when the device around her neck explodes at the moment of Tobin Bell's death (as it had been linked to Tobin's lifesigns-monitor). (Bahar had also been shot by Shawnee Smith a short time earlier.) (Thanks to Kemuel, J., Rosemary, and Matt)
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