Barbara Crampton (with Bruce Abbott) in 'Re-Animator'
Barbara Crampton (1958 - )
Ex-Mrs. David Boyd
Mrs. Robert Bleckman
(set dresser/property master)
Re-Animator (1985) [Megan Halsey]: Strangled by one of the re-animated bodies as she and Bruce Abbott are trying to escape in an elevator. After Bruce and Carolyn Purdy-Gordon unsuccessfully attempt to resuscitate her, the movie ends with Bruce injecting Barbara with the re-animating formula. (Thanks to Michael, Pedro, and Taylor)

Chopping Mall (Killbots) (1986) [Suzie Lynn]: Burned to death when the security robots fire at the can of fuel she was holding. (Thanks to Michael and John)

You're Next (2011) [Aubrey Davison]: Stabbed in the neck with a machete (off-screen) by L.C. Holt; her body is shown afterwards lying on the bed when the family discovers her. (Thanks to Tommy)

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