BarBara Luna in 'The Concrete Jungle' (1982)
BarBara Luna (1939 - )
Doug McClure
Amos Burke, Secret Agent: Nightmare in the Sun (1965) [Consuela Menardez, 'La Tigra']: Shot in the back by Larry D. Mann as she tries to run; she then falls into the river. (Thanks to Macrinus)

The Gatling Gun (King Gun) (1973) [Leona]: Shot in the back by an Apache warrior who had been aiming at Judy Jordan, when Judy swings BarBara into the path of his shot during their struggle. (Thanks to Eugene and Rodzilla)

Mannix: Silent Target (1973) [Elena]: Shot in the stomach with a rifle by her boyfriend; she dies in Mike Connors' arms shortly afterwards. (Thanks to Anonymous)

Police Story: The Broken Badge (1978) [Lilly, a Prostitute]: Strangled by a john whom she was blackmailing.

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century: Time of the Hawk Part 2 (1981) [Koori]: Dies of blood loss, after having been impaled through the shoulders by Thom Christopher's Hawk-ship in the previous episode. She reappeared as a ghost in the later episode The Guardians. (Thanks to PortsGuy)

The Concrete Jungle (1982) [Cat]: Electrocuted when she gets knocked into an electrical panel during a fight with Tracey E. Bregman in the prison boiler room.

Airwolf: Birds of Paradise (1986) [Isela Arragon]: Killed in an explosion, along with Eric Braeden, when their helicopter is shot down.
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