Barbara Parkins (with Faye Dunaway and inset Frank Langella) in publicity still/video box for 'Death Scream'
Barbara Parkins (1942 - )
Puppet on a Chain (1970) [Maggie]: Hanged (though I don't know by whom). (Thanks to Paul)

Death Scream (La maison sous les arbres; The Deadly Trap; The House Under the Trees) (1971) [Cynthia]: Shot in the head through the car window by a policeman as Barbara tries to kidnap Faye Dunaway. (Note: the publicity still used for the movie's poster and the Death Scream video box is a much clearer view than is actually seen in the film itself; I don't know whether the Deadly Trap video version uses the same image.)

The Mephisto Waltz (1971) [Roxanne Delancey]: Bleeds to death after Jacqueline Bisset uses a black-magic ritual to switch bodies with her, then slits her wrists in a bathtub (off-screen). So, although it's Jacqueline's body that we see afterwards, it was actually Barbara's character who died. Barbara's body goes on living with Jacqueline's mind possessing it. (Due to the unusual circumstances, I thought I should list this death under both actresses' names.)

Christina (1974) [Christina/Kay]: Burned to death (off-screen) after accidentally locking herself in a padded cell after she sets fire to the mansion; the movie ends with an exterior shot of the burning building. (Thanks to Brian)

Bear Island (1979) [Judith Rubin]: Killed in an avalanche; her body is shown afterwards when Donald Sutherland and Vanessa Redgrave discover her. (Thanks to Paul and Garrett)
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