Barbara Peckinpaugh just before her death in 'Shadows Run Black'
Barbara Peckinpaugh
a.k.a. Susanna Britton
The Witching (Necromancy; A Life for a Life; Rosemary's Disciples; The Toy Factory) (1972/1983) [Jennie]: Killed in a car crash (possibly due to supernatural influence) when her car goes over an embankment; we only see her hand sticking out of the flaming wreckage afterwards. (Note: In the original 1972 version Necromancy, the character "Jennie" was not seen prior to the crash; new footage was filmed for the 1983 version The Witching, and Barbara was retroactively inserted in the new prologue sequence.)

Shadows Run Black (1986) [Sandy]: Hacked to death (off-screen) with a meat cleaver by William J. Kulzer in her bathroom; the scene cuts away with her screaming and cowering in the shower, and her body is not shown afterwards. (Nudity alert: Full frontal & rear)
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