Beatrice Straight (left) with Margaret Phillips (right) in 'King Lear' (1953)
Beatrice Straight (1914 - 2001)
Cousin of Gloria Vanderbilt
Ex-Mrs. Louis Dolivet
Mrs. Peter Cookson
Mother of Tony Cookson
King Lear (1953) [Goneril]: Strangled by her sister (Margaret Phillips) after her treachery is discovered. (This version makes several drastic changes to Shakespeare's play.)

You Are There: The Crisis of Anne Boleyn (May 16, 1536) (1954) [Anne Boleyn]: Executed by beheading. (Thanks to Gordon)

Bloodline (Sidney Sheldon's Bloodline) (1979) [Kate Erling]: Killed in an elevator crash, after it's sabotaged by James Mason. (Thanks to Francesco)
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