Beth Grant (1949 - )
Mrs. Michael Chieffo
Child's Play 2 (1990) [Miss Kettlewell]: Beaten to death with a yardstick by Chucky in her classroom, after he stabs her in the chest with an air pump; we only see Chucky bringing the yardstick down. (Thanks to Francisco)

Speed (1994) [Helen]: Killed in an explosion when Dennis Hopper detonates a charge on the bus steps when she tries to get off. (Thanks to Derick)

Angel: Room w/a Vu (1999) [Maude Pearson]: Dies of a heart attack, some time before the episode begins; she appears as a ghost throughout the episode, and her death is shown in a flashback. (Thanks to Aled)

Six Feet Under: In Case of Rapture (2004) [Dorothy Sheedy]: Hit by a car (off-screen) after she runs out into the street, thinking that the Rapture has begun; we hear the impact after the screen cuts to white. Her body is shown afterwards while Freddy Rodriguez prepares her in the morgue, and again during her funeral.

Southland Tales (2006) [Dr. Inga Von Westphalen]: Killed in an explosion, along with everybody else on the Mega-Zeppelin, when Lou Taylor Pucci fires a rocket launcher at it.

No Country for Old Men (2007) [Agnes, Carla Jean's Mother]: Dies (off-screen) of cancer.

Criminal Minds: Mosley Lane (2010) [Anita Weld Roycewood]: Shot to death by Evan Peters just as she's about to kill Evan and the other children. (Thanks to Pez)
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Beth Grant in 'Six Feet Under: In Case of Rapture'