Betty Compson in 'The Invisible Ghost'
Betty Compson (1897 - 1974)
Ex-Mrs. James Cruze
Killer at Large (1936) [Kate]: Killed by Henry Brandon when she demands her share of the stolen jewels.

God's Country and the Man (The Avenging Stranger) (1937) [Roxey Moore]: Shot in the chest by Charles King on the staircase of the saloon; she dies shortly after Tom Keene carries her up to her room and places her on the bed. (The scene fades to black before she actually dies.)

Invisible Ghost (1941) [Mrs. Kessler]: Dies of unexplained natural causes (presumably connected to her years-earlier car crash and resulting insanity) while sitting in the hallway; we discover that she's dead when one of the detectives tries to get her to stand up, and she falls forward onto the floor.
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