Bianca Barnett in 'Bunny Time Cupcakes'
Bianca Barnett (1981 - )
Not to be confused with
Bianca Barnett (Bitch Slap)
The Devil's Muse (2007) [Rose/Corpse (Black Dahlia)]: Playing a dual role, "The Black Dahlia" is mutilated and bisected at the waist (off-screen) by Trent Haaga; her body is shown afterwards lying in a field. ("Rose" survives the movie.) (Thanks to Bianca)

Bunny Time Cupcakes (2008) [Lulu]: Pulled into the computer by a demon that suddenly emerges from the screen; she is transformed into a frozen image on the screen that is dragged into a folder labeled "Souls to Keep." (This short film is not listed on Bianca's IMDB page, but it can be viewed on YouTube.)

Albino Farm (2009) [Pig Bitch]: Throat slit with a sickle by Tammin Sursok after Bianca attacks Tammin. (Bianca's face was covered with deformed make-up for this role.)

Bulbs (2009) [Woman]: Stabbed in the eyes by two supernaturally-controlled light bulbs, which then screw themselves into her face. (This short film is likewise not listed on her IMDB page, but can be viewed on YouTube.) (Thanks to Bianca)

In a Spiral State (2009) [Marlena]: Dies of a drug overdose. (Thanks to Bianca)
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