Billie Whitelaw in 'The Omen'
Billie Whitelaw (1932 - )
Ex-Mrs. Peter Vaughan
The Flesh and the Fiends (Mania; The Fiendish Ghouls; Psycho Killers) (1959) [Mary Patterson]: Strangled by Donald Pleasence while resisting his advances. (Thanks to Uncle Pat)

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1968) [Gwyn Thomas]: Killed by Jack Palance. (Thanks to Adrian)

Twisted Nerve (1968) [Joan Harper]: Hit on the head with an axe by Hywel Bennett.

Night Watch (1973) [Sarah Cooke]: Throat slit by Elizabeth Taylor. (Thanks to Pat)

The Omen (1976) [Mrs. Baylock]: Stabbed in the neck with a kitchen skewer during a struggle with Gregory Peck. (Thanks to Robert)

A Tale of Two Cities (1980) [Madame Therese Defarge]: Accidentally shot to death during a struggle with Flora Robson. (Thanks to Allen)

The Krays (1990) [Violet Kray]: Dies of natural causes. (It's been so long since I've seen this movie, I can't remember the exact cause, or whether her death was on- or off-screen.)

Jane Eyre (1996) [Grace Poole]: Pushed over a staircase railing by Maria Schneider in the burning house. (Thanks to Francesco and Hamish)

Merlin (1998) [Auntie Ambrosia]: Dies of natural causes (though her illness is aggravated when Miranda Richardson loses her temper and magically sends the furniture flying all around the room).
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