Blake Lively in 'Elvis and Anabelle'
Blake Lively (1987 - )
Daughter of Ernie Lively
Sister of Eric Lively 
Half-sister of Jason, Lori, and Robyn Lively
Elvis and Anabelle (2007) [Anabelle]: Dies (apparently of a heart attack) during a beauty pageant; she later miraculously comes back to life while Max Minghella is about to prepare her at the funeral parlor. (Thanks to Matt)

Hick (2011) [Glenda]: Accidentally shot in the chest by Eddie Redmayne when Eddie tries to show her that the gun isn't loaded. (Thanks to Tim)

Savages (2012) [O]: Poisoned with a drug overdose by Taylor Kitsch so that they can both die together with Aaron Johnson. This "ending" turns out to be Blake's elaborate fantasy; she survives the movie in reality. (Thanks to Tommy)

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