Bonita Granville (1923 - 1988)
a.k.a. Bonita Granville Wrather
Daughter of Bernard Granville
(stage actor/comedian)
Mrs. Jack Wrather
(producer) (widowed)
Hitler's Children (1943) [Anna Muller]: Executed (off-camera), along with Tim Holt, by a firing squad; we hear the shots over a radio broadcast.

Youth Runs Wild (1944) [Toddy]: Fatally injured when she gets knocked against a table as a bystander during a barroom brawl; she dies in the hospital shortly afterwards, with her friends and a priest gathered by her bedside.

The Guilty (1947) [Estelle Mitchell/Linda Mitchell]: Playing a dual role as twin sisters, "Linda's" neck is snapped (off-screen) when Don Castle unsuccessfully tries to force her down an incinerator chute after choking her into unconsciousness. Her body is shown afterwards in the morgue when Regis Toomey shows her to Don and explains how she died. "Estelle" survives the movie.

Guilty of Treason (Treason) (1950) [Stephanie Varna]: Tortured to death by the secret police.
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Bonita Granville in 'Youth Runs Wild'