Brandy Ledford in 'Irresistible Impulse'
Brandy Ledford (1969 - )
a.k.a. Brandy Sanford
Penthouse Pet of the Month May 1990
Ex-Mrs. Martin Cummins
Irresistible Impulse (1996) [Heather McNeill]: Strangled by the killer. (Thanks to Nick)

First Wave: Cul-De-Sac (1998) [Michelle]: Shot twice in the chest by Iris Quinn while Brandy is strangling Sebastian Spence; her body disintegrates after her death. (Thanks to Stephen)

The Outer Limits: Nightmare (1998) [Dr. Elana Chomsky]: Killed in an explosion (along with everybody else in the Western hemisphere) when Kerry Sandomirsky detonates the doomsday device, thinking she's still on the alien planet. Her death was also faked as part of the psychological experiment earlier in the episode; her "body" is shown in a tank of fluid with her heart removed. (Thanks to Stephen)

Smallville: Stray (2002) [Mrs. Gibson]: Shot to death by Jim Shield. (Thanks to Rowdy)

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