Brigitte Lahaie in 'Dark Mission'
Brigitte Lahaie (1955 - )
a.k.a Brigitte Simonin, a.k.a. Brigitte Bourdeaux
The Grapes of Death (Les Raisins de la mort; Pesticide) (1978) [character name unavailable]: Killed in an explosion after she sets fire to a truck full of explosives. (Thanks to Alan)

Fascination (1979) [Eva]: Drained of blood by her sister cult members. (Thanks to Alan)

The Night of the Hunted (La Nuit des traquees) (1980) [Elysabeth]: Dies (off-screen) of progressive brain damage caused by radiation exposure; the movie ends with her and her boyfriend stumbling towards the sunset, but it's implied that they die soon afterwards. (Thanks to PortsGuy)

The Escapees (Les Paumees du petit matin; The Runaways) (1981) [Bourgeois Woman]: Stabbed in the back by one of the escaped mental patients during an orgy. (Thanks to Alan)

Knife Under the Throat (Le Couteau sous la gorge) (1986) [Valerie Landis]: Drowned in a bathtub. (Thanks to Rodrigo)

Dark Mission: Operacion cocaina (Dark Mission: Evil Flowers; Dark Mission: Les Fleurs du mal) (1988) [Moira Pennella]: Shot in a gun-fight with Christopher Lee's soldiers in the jungle; she dies in Christopher Mitchum's arms shortly afterwards. (Thanks to Johan)

Two Orphan Vampires (Les Deux orphelines vampires) (1997) [Circus Performer]: Drained of blood by Alexandra Pic and Isabelle Teboul. (Thanks to Alan)
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