Cameron Diaz (1972 - )
The Last Supper (1995) [Jude]: Poisoned, along with the rest of her friends, after Ron Perlman switches the good wine with the poisoned wine they'd planned to give him. We only see a stylized painting of Ron standing over all the bodies.

The Invisible Circus (2001) [Faith]: Commits suicide by jumping off the ledge of a building on top of a cliff, after Christopher Eccleston tries to talk her out of it. Her body is shown afterwards being carried away on a stretcher by the villagers, although it's too distant to actually see her. Shown in a flashback when Christopher tells Jordana Brewster what happened.

Vanilla Sky (2001) [Julie Gianni]: Two scenes: (1) Commits suicide by deliberately driving her car off a bridge. It's suggested that she might have survived, but it's also suggested that her appearances in later scenes are hallucinations. (2) Smothered with a pillow while making love with Tom Cruise. After she dies, he realizes that the body beneath him is actually Penelope Cruz. It's ambiguous as to whether the victim was actually Cameron or Penelope, or whether the murder even occurred at all. (See also Najwa Nimri's death scenes in the original Spanish film Open Your Eyes.)

The Box (2009) [Norma Lewis]: Shot in the chest (with her own consent) by James Marsden, as part of a deal with Frank Langella's "employers" to restore Sam Oz Stone's sight and hearing. (Thanks to Tommy and John)
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Cameron Diaz in 'The Box'