Camille Coduri in her last scene as a human in 'Doctor Who: The Age of Steel'
The destruction of the Cybermen in 'Doctor Who: The Age of Steel'
Camille Coduri (1966 - )
Mrs. Christopher Fulford
Doctor Who: The Age of Steel (2006) [Jackie Tyler]: After being transformed into a Cyberman, she self-destructs (along with all the other Cybermen) after Noel Clarke and David Tennant shut down the Cybermen's emotional inhibitors and cause them to realize what they've become. (It's impossible to tell whether or not Camille is among the Cybermen who are actually shown self-destructing, but it's established that all of them are destroyed.) (Note: This episode takes place in an alternate universe; the "real" Jackie of the series' regular universe is still alive.)
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