Carla Fracci in 'Verdi'
Carla Fracci (1936 - )
Noted ballet dancer
Giselle (1970) [Giselle]: Dies of heartbreak; she returns as a ghost for the rest of the ballet.

La Dame aux camelias (Lady of the Camelias; The True Story of Camille) (1980) [Marguerite Gautier]: Dies of tuberculosis.

The Life of Verdi (Verdi) (1982) [Giuseppa Strepponi]: Dies of pneumonia in bed. (She was made up to look much older than she actually was at the time.)

Romeo and Juliet (Romeo e Giulietta) (1982) [Juliet]: Commits suicide by stabbing herself, after reviving from her feigned death and discovering that Rudolf Nureyev has killed himself. (I haven't seen the ballet, but we're all familiar with the play...)
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