Carla Gravina in 'Without Apparent Motive'
Carla Gravina (1941 - )
Without Apparent Motive (Sans mobile apparent) (1971) [Jocelyne Rocca]: Shot in the chest with a sniper rifle by Jean-Pierre Marielle in the street, as Jean-Louis Trintignant looks on helplessly. (Thanks to Johan)

The Tempter (L'Anticristo; The Antichrist; Blasphemy) (1974) [Ippolita Oderisi/ Ippolita]: Playing a dual role (with the same name) in two time periods, the 15th-century "Ippolita" is executed by being burned at the stake; shown in a flashback when the 20th-century "Ippolita Oderisi" is hypnotized into remembering her past life. The 20th-century "Ippolita" survives the movie. (Thanks to Johan)
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