Carla Gugino (1971 - )
The One (2001) [T.K./Massie Walsh]: Shot in the back by the evil Jet Li by the upstairs window, while the good Jet watches helplessly from outside.

The Singing Detective (2003) [Betty Dark/Hooker]: Playing a dual role, she dies twice: (1) "The Hooker" is shot in the back by Adrien Brody and Jon Polito while she's talking to Robert Downey Jr. in an alley; she dies in Robert's arms shortly afterwards. (This occurs in Robert's detective-story/hallucination sequences.) (2) "Betty Dark" commits suicide (off-screen) by drowning herself in the river; her body is shown afterwards being pulled out of the water. (This occurs in a flashback sequence in reality.) (See also Alison Steadman in the 1986 mini-series.)

Sin City (2005) [Lucille]: Machine-gunned by Ryan Rutledge in the woods, after she tries to persuade him not to kill Mickey Rourke. (Thanks to Gary, Alex, and Robert)

Rise: Blood Hunter (Rise) (2007) [Eve]: Shot in the chest with a wooden crossbow bolt by Lucy Liu in a restaurant. (Thanks to Eric and Germboygel)

The Unborn (2009) [Janet Beldon]: Commits suicide (off-screen) by hanging herself, several years before the story begins; she only appears in flashback scenes. (Thanks to Germboygel and Jake)
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Carla Gugino in 'Sin City'