Carmen Electra (1972 - )
Ex-Mrs. Dennis Rodman
Ex-Mrs. David M. Navarro
American Vampire (An American Vampire Story) (1997) [Sulka]: Turns to dust (off-screen), along with Debra Xavier, when Trevor Lissauer stabs the head vampire in the heart with a wooden tiki torch. We only see Adam West holding up the girls' empty lingerie after they disintegrate.

Scary Movie (2000) [Drew Decker]: Stabbed in the chest by the masked killer (causing her breast implant to get stuck on the blade), hit by a car while trying to run away, and finally slashed to death by the killer (the scene ends before the fatal slash). (All played for comic effect.)

Summerland: Signs (2005) [Mona]: Killed (off-screen) in a car accident; Carmen does not actually appear in this episode, but we learn of her death when Lori Laughlin gets a phone call informing her, followed by a scene of the funeral. (We don't learn who was killed until the headstone is shown.) (Thanks to Richard)

Date Movie (2006) [Anne]: Crushed to death when King Kong smashes her with his fist while she's tied between two posts in the jungle. (Again, played for comic effect.) (Thanks to Dick Hertz)

Disaster Movie (2008) [Beautiful Assassin]: Accidentally shot in the head when Gary 'G. Thang' Johnson fires a bullet in a curved arc and hits her by mistake. (A parody of Angelina Jolie's death in Wanted.) (Thanks to Anime Dan)

2-Headed Shark Attack (2012) [Dr. Anne Babish]: Eaten (along with Charlie O'Connell) by a two-headed shark, when it leaps out of the water at them while they're making out on a dock. (Thanks to Jacob)

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Carmen Electra in 'Disaster Movie'