Carola Stagnaro in 'Tenebre'
Carola Stagnaro (1957 - )
La Signorina Else (1980) [Else]: Commits suicide by taking an overdose of pills. (Note: This Italian TV-movie is not currently listed on the IMDB.) (Thanks to Andrea)

Tenebre (Tenebrae; Unsane) (1982) [Detective Altieri]: Hit in the back with an axe by Anthony Franciosa, who had mistaken her for Daria Nicolodi. Her identity is revealed after the real Daria enters the room and Anthony turns over Carola's body.

Dial Help (Ragno gelido; Love Threat) (1988) [Carmen]: Hanged (off-screen) by a cord of a telephone that has mysteriously come to life. Her body is shown afterwards when Charlotte Lewis discovers her. (Thanks to Johan)

Phantom of Death (Un Delitto poco comune; Off Balance) (1988) [Dr. Carla Pesenti]: Hit on the back of the neck with a sword by Michael York. (Thanks to Johan)
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