Carol Lynley in 'Blackout' (1988)
Carol Lynley (1942 - )
The Cardinal (1963) [Mona Fermoyle/Regina Fermoyle]: Playing a dual role as mother and daughter, the mother "Mona" dies in childbirth (off-screen). The daughter "Regina" survives the movie.

Harlow (1965) [Jean Harlow]: Dies of uremic poisoning, in Efrem Zimbalist Jr.'s arms. (See also Carroll Baker in the other 1965 biopic also titled Harlow.)

The Big Valley: Hell Hath No Fury (1968) [Dillie Shanks]: Trampled by stampeding horses; she dies in Lee Majors' arms shortly afterwards. (Thanks to Anonymous)

The Maltese Bippy (1969) [Robin Sherwood]: Shot (though I don't know by whom); she dies in Dick Martin's arms afterwards. (Thanks to Energman)

Beware! The Blob (1972) [Leslie]: Eaten by the Blob. (Thanks to Robert)

Police Woman: Trial by Prejudice (1976) [character name unavailable]: Accidentally shot to death during a struggle with Angie Dickinson.

Blackout (The Attic) (1988) [Esther Boyle]: Commits suicide by jumping from a windmill on her farm, after shooting Michael Keys Hall in order to save Gail O'Grady. (Thanks to Johan)

Monsters: Stressed Environment (1990) [character name unavailable]: Shot in the neck with a makeshift crossbow/catapult by the intelligent rats.

Howling VI: The Freaks (1991) [Miss Eddington]: Killed (off-screen); her body is shown afterwards lying in a dumpster. (Thanks to John)
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