Carol Ohmart (1927 - )
Miss Utah of 1946
The House on Haunted Hill (1958) [Annabelle Loren]: Falls into a vat of acid after being frightened by a walking skeleton (actually a remote-controlled puppet operated by Vincent Price). Earlier in the movie, she had faked her death with a staged hanging.

Spider Baby: Or, The Maddest Story Ever Told (The Liver Eaters) (1964) [Emily Howe]: Apparently mauled to death after being pulled into a basement full of maniacs. If that didn't finish her off, she definitely died in the explosion that Lon Chaney Jr. sets off to destroy the entire house and everyone inside. (Thanks to Jack Hill for correcting the photo)

Barnaby Jones: A Little Glory, a Little Death (1973) [Gloria Colby a.k.a. Elly Hansen]: Accidentally hits her head on a desk after being knocked down in a scuffle with Barry Sullivan. Barry then puts her body into a car and sends it over a cliff.
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Carol Ohmart in 'Barnaby Jones: A Little Glory, a Little Death'