Carolyn Stellar in 'Cry Blood, Apache'
Carolyn Stellar dead (with Robert Tessier) in 'Cry Blood, Apache'
Carolyn Stellar
Rick Nervick
Mother of
Leif Garrett and Dawn Lyn
Cry Blood, Apache (1970) [Cochalla]: Hit on the head by Rick Nervick (who only intended to knock her out) in the woods; her body is shown again when Rick carries her back to the camp, at which point Robert Tessier examines her and discovers that she's dead.

Devil Times Five (The Horrible House on the Hill; People Toys) (1974) [Lovely]: Gnawed to death by a piranha after Dawn Lyn drops it into Carolyn's bathtub while Gail Smale holds Carolyn down. Her body is shown again afterwards as the children drag her through the woods, and again later on seated at the table when the children have their victims arranged for a "tea party." (Nudity alert: Topless and rear)
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