Cassidy Freeman in 'Smallville: Finale'
Cassidy Freeman (1982 - )
Sister of Clark Freeman and Crispin Freeman
Smallville: Pandora (2009) [Tess Mercer]: In a vision of the future, she is shot in the stomach with a crossbow bolt by Allison Mack; she dies in Justin Hartley's arms shortly afterwards. (Thanks to Rowdy)

Smallville: Finale (2011) [Tess Mercer]: Stabbed in the stomach by her brother (Michael Rosenbaum). (Thanks to RebelYank and Fleming)

The Vampire Diaries: The Murder of One (2012) [Sage]: Dies due to her supernatural connection to Casper Zafer after Casper is shot with a crossbow bolt by Nina Dobrev. (Thanks to Cody)

Once Upon a Time: Tiny (2013) [Jack]: Stabbed with her own poisoned sword by a giant, after she stabs the giant in the foot several times. She dies shortly afterwards, after Josh Dallas leaves her behind. (Thanks to Frank)

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