Son of Samson (Maciste nella valle dei re; Maciste the Mighty) (1960) [Queen Smedes]: Commits suicide by jumping into a pool full of crocodiles. We only see her jumping into the pool; the shots of the crocodiles are obviously filmed separately.

Terror of the Red Mask (Terrore della maschera rossa) (1960) [Karima]: Reportedly killed, though I don't know the details. (I haven't seen this movie myself.) (Thanks to Ed)

Atlas in the Land of the Cyclops (Maciste nella terra dei ciclopi; Maciste Vs. the Cyclops; Monster from an Unknown World) (1961) [Queen Capys]: Accidentally stabbed in the stomach by one of her own soldiers when she runs in front of Gordon Mitchell to save him; she dies in Gordon's arms shortly afterwards. (Thanks to Ed)
Chelo Alonso in 'Atlas in the Land of the Cyclops'
Chelo Alonso (1933 - )
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