Chiaki Kuriyama in 'Kill Bill: Vol. 1'
Chiaki Kuriyama (1984 - )
Gonin (The Five) (1995) [Ogiwara's daughter]: Killed by gangsters; her body is shown afterwards when her father (Naoto Takenaka) discovers her. (Thanks to SpecialKid)

Shikoku (1999) [Sayori Hiura]: Drowned (off-screen) in a river, 15 years before the story takes place; she is brought back to life by Toshie Negishi, then dies once again when the spell is broken. (Thanks to SpecialKid)

Battle Royale (Batoru rowaiaru) (2000) [Takako Chigusa]: Shot in the back by Kou Shibasaki after Chiaki stabs Hirohito Honda in the crotch; she dies shortly afterwards while slumped against a tree and talking to Sousuke Takaoka. (Thanks to Germboygel and SpecialKid)

Ju-on (Ju-on: The Curse) (2000) [Mizuho Tamura]: Dies after encountering Ryota Koyama's ghost. (This is not to be confused with the 2003 remake Ju-on, a.k.a. Ju-on: The Grudge.) (Thanks to SpecialKid)

Kadokawa Mystery & Horror Tales: The Wooden Clogs with the Red Straps (2003) [Yoshie/Yoshie's sister]: Playing a dual role as twin sisters, both sisters die of typhoid (off-screen); Yoshie's death is mentioned in Naoto Ogata's narration when he returns to Yoshie's home, at which point he learns that she had a sister who died before he met her, and that it was the sister's ghost and not Yoshie that he slept with. (Thanks to SpecialKid)

Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (2003) [Gogo Yubari]: Hit in the head with the protruding nails of a broken table leg by Uma Thurman at the end of their fight in the House of Blue Leaves. (A brief clip of her death scene is also repeated in the closing credits of Kill Bill: Vol. 2.) (Thanks to Germboygel, Tal and Michael)

MPD Psycho: Episode 3 (Tajuu jinkaku tantei saiko - Amamiya Kazuhiko no kikan) (2003) [character name unavailable]: Commits suicide by shooting herself in the head. (Thanks to SpecialKid)

Kagen no tsuki (Last Quarter) (2004) [Mizuki]: Dies in the emergency room after being hit by a truck; she is later brought back to life by Hideto Takarai. (Thanks to SpecialKid)

Mail (2004) [Mikoto]: Dies (off-screen) of leukemia in the hospital, some time before the story begins. She appears as a ghost to Takakuni Suga throughout the story, but he doesn't discover until the end that she's been the ghost of his childhood friend all along. (Thanks to SpecialKid)

Azumi 2: Death or Love (2005) [Kozue]: Slashed across the stomach with a katana at the end of a fight with Aya Ueto. (Thanks to SpecialKid)

The Great Yokai War (Yokai daisenso; The Great Hobgoblin War; Spook Warfare) (2005) [Agi]: Stabbed in the stomach with a sword by Etsushi Toyakawa. (Thanks to SpecialKid)

Scrap Heaven (2005) [Saki Fujimura]: Although she survives in the actual movie, the Japanese DVD includes a deleted scene in which she is shot. (Thanks to SpecialKid)
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