Christa Lang (Fuller) in 'Dead Pigeon on Beethoven Street'
Christa Lang
a.k.a. Christa Fuller
Samuel Fuller (widowed)
Dead Pigeon on Beethoven Street (Tatort: Tote Taube in der Beethovenstrasse) (1973) [Christa]: Shot to death (we don't see where she's hit) by Glenn Corbett as she is about to shoot him; the moment of the shooting is presented symbolically with a "shattered glass" effect over a freeze-frame of her face. Her body is shown lying on the ground afterwards.

The Big Red One (1980) [German Countess]: Machine-gunned (off-screen) by Siegfried Rauch, after she insults Hitler; we only hear the gunfire over an exterior shot of the castle. (This scene, and Christa's entire part, was cut from the original theatrical release, and is only present in the recent DVD Reconstruction Edition.)
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