Christina Applegate (1971 - )
Johnathan Schaech
Mars Attacks! (1996) [Sharona]: Blasted by a couple of Martians when they discover her making out with a guy in a trailer.  We see her screaming as a green light floods the trailer, but the scene cuts away before the ray actually strikes.

Married...with Children: Damn Bundys (1997) [Kelly Bundy]: Dies (off-screen) and is sent to Hell, along with the rest of her family; they are brought back to life after Ed O'Neill manages to trick Satan (Robert Englund) into sending them back. (Thanks to Robert and PortsGuy)

Kiss of Fire (Claudine's Return) (1998, not released until 2000) [Claudine Van Doozen]: Fatally injured in a car accident (off-screen); her body is shown in the emergency room afterwards. (Thanks to Pat and Michael)

The Brutal Truth (The Giving Tree; Shaded Places) (2000) [Emily]: Commits suicide by hanging herself from a tree in front of the cabin. (Thanks to Pat)

Just Visiting (Les Visiteurs en Amerique) (2001) [Julia Malfete/Princess Rosalind]: As "Rosalind", she is stabbed in the stomach with a sword by Jean Reno, who had been drugged into seeing her as a monster. Jean later manages to go back in time to prevent her death. (Christina also plays a dual role as Rosalind's present-day descendant "Julia," who survives the movie.) (Thanks to McQuade)

Employee of the Month (2004) [Sara Goodwin]: Killed in a car accident (off-screen), along with Andrea Bendewald, when a bus hits the side of their car; the scene cuts to black just before the impact. (Thanks to Michelle)

Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas (2005) [Dr. Suzanne Bedford]: Dies (off-screen) when she has a heart attack while driving; I don't know whether it was the heart attack or the car crash that actually kills her. (Thanks to Shelly)
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Christina Applegate in 'Just Visiting'