Christine Estabrook
Mrs. Vic Polizos
Six Feet Under: The Invisible Woman (2002) [Emily Previn]: Chokes to death while eating dinner alone in her apartment, and is not found for a week. Her partially-decomposed body (probably a dummy, rather than a make-up job) is shown in the morgue afterwards when the morticians try to figure out how to make her presentable. (Nudity alert: Topless, but presumably a dummy, in the morgue scene)

Desperate Housewives: Guilty (2004) [Mrs. Martha Huber]: Strangled by Mark Moses in his kitchen, after he hits her on the head with a blender; he then wraps her body in a blanket and carries it out to his truck. In the following episode, Suspicious Minds, her body is shown (with just her arms sticking out of the blanket) as Mark prepares to bury her in the woods. (Thanks to Alex)
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Christine Estabrook in 'Desperate Housewives: Guilty'