Claire Bronson in 'The Hap Hapgood Story'
Claire Bronson
Mrs. Scott Poythress
The Hap Hapgood Story (2003) [Sightless Woman]: Killed (off-screen, method unspecified) by Scott Poythress; the movie ends with Scott grabbing her from behind, but the implication of her fate is clear. (This short film is included as a bonus feature in the US DVD of The Signal; part of the short is shown on a TV broadcast in the opening scene of The Signal, but Claire's death scene was not included in that footage.)

Join the Resistance: Fall in Love (2003) [Yuppie Woman]: Shot in the neck when Randy Cohlmia shoots at Alex Rambaud and a stray bullet hits her while she's sitting in her car. She dies shortly afterwards while trying to call Scott Poythress on her cell phone. (This short film can be viewed online at
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